Contingent Workforce Solutions

With our deep understanding of contingent workforce trends, talent communities, and the technology landscape, we provide impactful Contingent Workforce Solutions.

These solutions help organizations optimize and align their workforce strategies with business goals. For over 17 years, we ‘ve been providing our clients with IT Contingent Staff across a wide range of technology areas and skill sets.

Managed Staffing Services

BlueAlly provides a comprehensive suite of Managed Staffing Services, designed to optimize our clients’ use a contingent IT workforce. As an MSP, BlueAlly leverages its technology and processes to consolidate and manage the client’s staffing supply chain, including automating the onboarding and management of the contingent workers.

Managed Staffing Service Provider

Comprehensive programs to manage our clients’ contingent IT workforce and their IT staffing supply chain. As the single point of contact, BlueAlly increases quality, availability, and responsiveness metrics while reducing the administrative burden for the client and its Procurement & HR Staff.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Function as the “recruitment arm” of our client’s IT talent acquisition lifecycle; provide the complete life- cycle of talent acquisition and management for contingent staffing needs.

VMS & Workforce Advisory Services

Help clients automate the procurement of staffing; run our custom VMS platform for clients and also provided value-added services around the VMS platform. Also, help clients with program adoption issues.

BlueAlly helps you achieve:


We enable clients respond faster to their business needs by onboard a larger number of candidates quickly and effciently.


We provide “Single Window” management of the Recruitment Process and the use of multiple Vendors and Ics by clients.


We implement Engagement Best Practices and Compliance Assessment Tool to mitigate risks.

IT Staffing Services

BlueAlly is well equipped for identifying, assessing, and providing outstanding IT professionals (especially for “hard-to-find” skills) who match effectively our clients’ stated requirements.

Recruitments-Driven Staffing

Staffing IT consultants against individual reqs, across a range of technology skills, Industries.

Project Staffing

Staffing IT consultants where multiple resources are needed to work as a project team. Typically, against a single statement of work.

Remote Staffing

Staffing IT consultants at a location other than the client site, resulting in a more cost efficient model.

BlueAlly helps you achieve:


We provide the “Team + Tools + Processes” to help clients plan and execute on comprehensive acquisition of talent.


Our method is set up to give clients higher quality candidates and a larger pool from which to select.


Our aggregated systems provide clients with much superior analytics for talent/skill usage and planning.

Manage Engagements

BlueAlly helps provide the knowledge and comfort to our customers that they have full visibility into the performance of their engagements, including system-level performance.

Our Managed Services customers have access to our Managed Services Portal, which integrates the various tools and data that a customer would need for the proactive monitoring and management of any particular engagement (including access to performance, problem, and change activity data, as well as account- level information).

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